Lost in the mists of time…

cropped-dscn0321.jpgWelcome to the first post on Mists of Time.

Why am I creating this blog? Well, for as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed by British history, visiting historic places and learning about people and events from the past. As a young girl, I was always being taken out on trips to see old churches, ruined castles or stately homes. I know a lot of children would have found the whole idea tedious, but I loved it – still do!

I suppose it was because of all those early visits, that I developed an interest in history, especially where I could relate events and people to a particular place that I had been to. The idea of stepping foot in the same place as a real character from history, has always given me a thrill.

Part of me regrets that I didn’t pursue a career in history, but perhaps I’ve always been happier to take the Pic n Mix approach rather than settle into a speciality. Anyway, far too late to worry about that now. So although I won’t claim any credentials as a historian, I would call myself a well-informed visitor of heritage venues, after all, I’ve fifty years experience in that department.

Now, I should make it clear, this blog is not going to give chapter and verse complete with key dates, visitor information and travel advice for any of the places I write about.

What I intend to do, is write about how places make me feel.

So I’ll probably waffle on in all sorts of ways that my history teachers and English teachers would have deplored – I don’t care. This is my take – that’s all.

Eventually, I hope to build up a series of posts that will record my visits and thoughts about the historic sites I get around in the coming months, and I’ll probably go back in the mists of time to remember some previous trips out too.

I have no agenda with Mists of Time. I’ll just see where it takes me as this year progresses.

You are very welcome to come along here any time the mood takes you.


2 thoughts on “Lost in the mists of time…

  1. Sartenada says:

    I enjoyed Your text here. I love history, old buildings and I love to know how people lived in old times, what they made by their hands etc.

    You are lucky because You have possibility to see and to study old castles. In Finland we have only three castles which are not in ruins. Until now I have presented two of them. The most beautiful and greatest is the castle of Olavinlinna.

    Because You seem to appreciate old medieval castles, I give here, if You do not mind, the link to my post presenting:

    Medieval castle of Olavinlinna.

    There are links also how it is looking in winter and how its surroundings are seen from sightseeing.

    Your blog is in my eyes so called quality blog. Congratulations. I will follow it with keen eye.

    • Anny says:

      Fabulous to see such excellent photos of Olavinlinna. This was built quite a lot later than most castles in the UK, so it’s interesting to see how strong defensive walls was clearly still hugely important at that time. By the 1500s in England, there was a move away from fortress building and into grand houses – with some notable exceptions.

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