St John Baptist, Claines, Worcestershire.

Stained Glass extravaganza…

The churches we visit on ringing tours vary enormously in their character – I’m not talking about their architectural heritage – I mean the feeling you get when you walk through the door – a bit like when you meet somebody for the first time and you get that sense of either liking them or not, or intuitively sensing something about them – that’s how I react to churches, they’re not all the same – each has its own personality.

On Saturday, the last tower of the day was St John Baptist church at Claines, Worcestershire.

Maybe it was because it was the last church of the day and I was feeling sleepy, but once I walked inside I felt warm and snuggly. The lighting was low, but it was the windows that immediately seemed to wrap themselves around me, like a huge, intricate and gloriously luminous coloured quilt.

Nothing really special or different to the stained glass you’ll find in hundreds of other churches, but taken together, it felt luscious.

IMAG3264 IMAG3256 IMAG3266 IMAG3259 IMAG3260 IMAG3255 IMAG3252 IMAG3263

Every little nook and cranny filled with coloured glass. I sat in a pew and soaked up the warmth.

I loved it.

After the ringing, we went to the pub (its traditional for ringers), which turned out to be quite literally in the churchyard. If you find yourself in Claines, go and have a pint at The Mug House it is the quintessential country pub – over 700 years old and still serving excellent beer.


I didn’t take any pics of the church proper, but follow this link for some lovely shots on the Hibbitt family website.









8 thoughts on “St John Baptist, Claines, Worcestershire.

    • Anny says:

      For my sins – in fact that’s how I met my Other Half. Now all four of us ring, so after years spent baby-sitting while he went off ringing, now we’re all out together. But I still prefer looking around the churches to most of the ringing!

      • Jo Woolf says:

        I think it’s a lovely thing to do – such an age-old tradition. It kind of evokes Thomas Hardy novels! Although I’m sure it’s nowhere near as romantic as it sounds!

  1. Perpetua says:

    I’ve just discovered your history blog, so am enjoying myself exploring, Anny. The glass here reminds me of the parish church where I was curate, even to the presence of some modern glass in very similar vivid primary colours. As a teenager DD was a keen bell-ringer, but other things have now taken over. 🙂

    • Anny says:

      Hello Perpetua – I’m delighted you found your way here . One of the best things about ringing is that you get to go visiting other churches and there’s always so much to see – and these days, now that both daughters are ringing, I’m allowed to slope off with my camera more than I used to!

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