A longer pause than expected…

Well a girl is allowed to change her mind…


Hello to any patient readers still with me – I appreciate your perseverance!

So many things have changed for me over the last few years since I started blogging, and sometimes I’ve needed to readjust how I go about it, to meet the needs of what I’m trying to do and to make sure that what I write is really me, not what I thought I might want to be at the time.

My joy at visiting historic places remains as strong as ever, but my original aspirations of frequent blog posts about the places I visit have had to bend with my circumstances at home with a growing family and the much increased time I’m now spending on my stitched tapestries. This summer – the time when I’m normally out and about loads and loads, I’ve barely left the house – and I know that this is quite likely to be the pattern for some time to come.

Deciding to have my spiritual blogging home at Dreaming In Stitches still feels absolutely right, that’s the place where the whole me is most likely to turn up regularly and I’ve been so encouraged by readers willing to put up with the somewhat more varied topics that crop up over there.

But having had time to think about it, I really don’t want to let go of Mists of Time. I’ve been reading back through posts here and it just reminds me how much sheer delight I get from experiencing the heritage and landscape of Britain – it also reminds me just how much more there is to see.

And over the summer, while I haven’t been out visiting, I have been reading a lot of history books – I really do have to get my history fix in some way!

I’ve also started watching in chronological order the entire backlist of Time Team episodes – I know, that’s the sort of woman you’re reading here…

So, what next? Well, the truth is, I expect my presence here to be an erratic thing. I’ve tried planning, and it just makes me feel pressured and I don’t want to start writing rubbish just because I thought I should show up. But while visits may be fewer and farther between, I thought it might be an opportunity to just write about anything of a history/heritage nature that is currently getting me excited at any particular time. A looser brief.

So if history is your thing and you can cope with a flakey Englishwoman popping up every so often, I do hope you’ll still come by and talk history with me.



4 thoughts on “A longer pause than expected…

  1. Anny says:

    Thanks Helen, you’re absolutely right, I’m much more an ‘inspiration’ rather than ‘perspiration’ sort of girl – probably explains a lot!

  2. Jo Woolf says:

    I can definitely cope with it, Anny! I would watch a few of the Time Teams with you, too. What I think I have learned is to just let things flow, and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t post anything for a while. I like the ‘inspiration instead of perspiration’ idea! 🙂

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