Happy 2015…

Well what a strange few months I’ve been having. My almost total absence – again – from Mists of Time probably tells you that I’m still not getting out and about for any indulgent history trips. I’m sure all these things are cyclical and that eventually the opportunities to go out exploring will return, but for now, it’s a bit bleak on the field trips front.


Still, if I can’t get about too much, at least that gives me time to make a few more changes around the website. The main thing that I’d really like to do, which so far I’m failing miserably at, is to find a way to convert previous posts to pages. The hassle with trying to locate old posts is frustrating and I’d like to make it easier to find posts about specific locations other than using the search widget. To date, it seems that the only way a techno-newbie like me is going to do it, is to laboriously copy and past – which I might do if the weather deteriorates, but to be honest, I’d almost rather pull out my own fingernails.

So, what I might opt for instead, is to just set up future posts about specific places as pages – which over time will be better – in my opinion, but will obviously take some time to build up – perhaps a very long time at current rates of visits!

I’ve changed theme again, to use one which I hope will eventually make it a whole lot easier to navigate – thanks to all the lovely people at WordPress for giving us a supply of fabulous themes – a bit of New Year tidying.

And so after all that – I thought I’d just mention that thanks to the special offers on the Kindle over Christmas and also thanks to a couple of lucky shopping trips to our local Oxfam, I have at least stocked up on several history books which I hope will keep me entertained until I get out again. The list is…

  • The Hollow Crown – Dan Jones (The Wars of the Roses)
  • Blazing Star – Alexander Larman (John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester)
  • The Knight Who Saved England – Richard Brooks (William Marshall)
  • Joan of Arc – Helen Castor (self-explanatory)
  • The Winter King – Thomas Penn (Henry VII)


I hope you’re all managing to have plenty of adventures in history. My one resolution (I’m not really a resolution sort of girl, but this is my exception), is to get back to finding the time to read and enjoy my favourite history bloggers in 2015 – things have been so up in the air and distracting recently, that I’ve only been able to keep a passing eye on  your fantastic posts. I’ve missed it – this year I’m going to get back in the swing.

So, until the next time – Happy New Year, here’s to a history full 2015.

Oh, and if you can tell where all the photos in this post were taken, you’ll know which castle is the next to feature here…


Back soon!


4 thoughts on “Happy 2015…

  1. Helen Devries says:

    I sympathise with the problems of converting posts to pages….I think I copied and pasted – but it was only a few from a blog I’d closed so not so much danger to the finger nails.

    I like the book list….oddly enough my husband has just ordered the Henry VII – but in book form as he can’t cope with a Kindle having semi paralysed hands.

    • Anny says:

      Hi Helen, The Winter King was one I found at Oxfam – it’s a bit battered, considering it hasn’t been out too long, but as I’m very interested in that period and as Number One Daughter is covering it for A Level, I snapped it up. The others I found on offers on the Kindle over Christmas, all for under £1.50, which I decided was cheaper than Oxfam and therefore a bargain. But I’m really going to try and buy second-hand this year as much as possible – a combination of the screaming need to save money and finding that I really do prefer a ‘proper’ book most of the time – oh yes, and I might even go back to the library!

  2. Jo Woolf says:

    Not sure what the ruin is, Anny, but I look forward to hearing about it! Looks to be in a lovely spot. Your reading list sounds wonderful. I like your new-look site too!

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